Hay time

We have had a very chilly summer this year with only very few warm days, some sunny days, and lots of rain. Riding and working outside is great when the weather is not too warm. Moreover, we have had a very moderate mosquito year (good for the horses, and people), and virtually no horse flies (good both for the people and horses). The absence of snakes has been quite remarkable – have seen only one until now, not that I am complaining, but this must have something to do with the weather, too.

The coldish weather has been very challenging for the farmers. Good quality hay is essential for the well being of our horses in the winter, and since the harvest was not all that great last year either, we were getting slightly worried as there seemed to be no sunshine or dry weather in July at all…

But, as you can see (photo above), we were very lucky after all: we managed to bring in a good amount of first class hay, and had lots of fun piling up the small bales into our shed straight from the field. Good, hard working team & a job well done!

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