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Icelandic horses in the heart of the Finnish lakeland

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Learn more about our life in the Finnish countryside with our unique horses

Jalostusori Logandi
We can go hacking through beautiful woodland and enjoy the fast tölt of our great horses


  • Lake Pirttijärvi

Happy New Year!

Spirit, freedom and speed

The Icelandic horses may be small in size, but they are powerful riding horses with unique gaits and friendly character,  horses for leisure and for competition, for grown ups and for children, for men and women…

  • Logandi at Christmas

Christmas time

Merry Christmas to all friends of the Icelandic horse, near and far!

Islanninhevosori Logandi
Logandi frá Ekru, our handsome 1st prize stallion with excellent gaits and a lovely character, stands at stud at our farm.


Local sights

Last week we had two or three days of fairly dry and even sometimes sunny, cool and nice autumn weather.  This welcome change to the constant rain we have had lately inspired us to take [...]

Islanninhevonen laukkaaPirttijärven islanninhevostallin pihapiirin tunnelmaa talvella