2410, 2017

Local sights

24. Octoberta, 2017|

Last week we had two or three days of fairly dry and even sometimes sunny, cool and nice autumn weather.  This welcome change to the constant rain we have had lately inspired us to take [...]

1807, 2017

Hay time

18. Julyta, 2017|

We have had a very chilly summer this year with only very few warm days, some sunny days, and lots of rain. Riding and working outside is great when the weather is not too warm. [...]

902, 2017

Pleasures of country life

9. Februaryta, 2017|

Temperatures have dropped down to -20 degrees in the night this week. Nights in this weather, with full moon in the sky, are very beautiful, and surprisingly light. Daytime views in the forest are very [...]

501, 2017


5. Januaryta, 2017|

The scenery was exceptionally beautiful with different shades of blue and white and full moon this morning. We look forward to winter fun with horses after our Christmas break! Please contact us at +358 400 [...]

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